How to get more Xbox One game storage with minimal effort

The stock Xbox One claims 500GB of storage, but in reality it only has 364.8GB of usable space. Each Blu-ray disc game you play has to be completely installed on the internal hard drive in order to play it – these games run between 20GB and 40GB on average! Additionally with Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and the plethora of Xbox Live Games with Gold pouring in each month, that storage is probably getting a bit thin right about now.

Microsoft has made it very clear it voids your warranty to open the Xbox and tinker with the internal hard drive. So how can you get more gaming storage with minimal effort (and without voiding the warranty)? DIGISTOR has a series of gaming hard drives that are fully compatible with Xbox One! How much storage can you add? Up to 2TB, which is four times the advertised capacity of the stock 500GB system.

The drives are small, whisper quiet, and don’t need to be plugged into the wall. Simply plug in the USB 3.0 drive into the back or side of your Xbox One and you can set the DIGISTOR drive as the new default location to install all your games, saves, and profile content if desired. Another benefit of storing your games on a small pocket sized USB 3.0 drive is you can grab your DIGISTOR HDD and bring all the pre-installed game content to your friends house and play on their console without needing to download the content again, or re-install from the disc (although you will need to bring the disc as well for security purposes).

Take a look at our gaming hard drives section of our website and grab one for yourself before you are alerted you’re out of space!

Source: DIGISTOR Gaming Hard Drives

The importance of Blu-ray discs made in Japan

Having to look for some of the highest quality Blu-ray media on the planet can be a daunting task for individuals and organizations. The notion that buying direct from “the source” as the only reliable means is often on the top of their search to-do list.  While having dedicated countless hours sifting through forums on where the best media can be purchased, looking tirelessly through overseas shopping sites, can always be worthy of a certain amount of bragging rights when the goods is finally in hand.  Others may rely solely on eBay and Amazon sellers from overseas as their middleman.  But where else can these consumers turn to that simply want the best media and what makes their exhaustive search so worthwhile?

Most, if not all, are searching for media made in Japan over any other origin because of innate quality control system and choice of materials.  Being all-too-familiar that ordering from Japanese companies and its affiliates does not guarantee they will receive the genuine discs, that were made in Japan, and not “from Japan but made somewhere else,” as some merchants would have you believe.  To add more complications to the matter, ordering certain package quantities could also be a factor.  For example, buying the individual pack (or the 5 pack jewel case) will be a product made in Japan. However, ordering the 10 pack jewel case or the 10 or 25 pack spindles, will get you a product made in China, Singapore, etc.

To them, data integrity, performance, and longevity of their stored digital assets is very important, so naturally only the best quality media will do.  After all, Japanese made recordable media strikes a chord with users, as they have proven themselves time and time again.

After the hunt is over the fun part comes into play.
DIGISTOR brings you high quality made in Japan media with our Professional Grade discs.  Regardless, of you buy a 5, 10, 25, or 100 pack, you will get exactly the same high quality discs.  Aside from being made in Japan, here are some key reasons why some of the best and latest media technologies are featured in the DIGISTOR Professional Grade discs:

Phase-change recording technology, which has undergone continuous refinement over the years, instantaneously changes the atomic arrangement within the recording layer from a noncrystalline (amorphous) phase to a crystalline phase when it is exposed to a high-temperature laser beam.

The phase-change recording technology enables reliable, high-speed recording.01. phase change






A hard coating technology makes DIGISTOR BDs highly resistant to scratches.02. hard coating bd


Scratches are fatal to recording discs. Scratches can make it impossible to read important data or cause noise in playback images. DIGISTOR discs uses a spin coating method to apply a hard coating of uniform thickness that protects the disc from scratches.

04. hard coating


High-Quality BD Discs resulting from experience

More than 35 years in developing recording discs. Our Blu-ray Discs are manufactured in an integrated production plant in Japan where every process, from material development to final manufacturing, is performed. This enables a smooth flow of operations such as development, new technology assessment and mass production, and produces discs with extremely high levels of reliability.