Top 5 things cinematographers love about our Professional Video SSDs

Cinematographers and filmmakers love our Professional video SSD drives. After much discussion on the how and why we developed a series of SSD drives focused on video capture, primarily aiming towards certification for Blackmagic recording hardware, we have found the top 5 things that get cinematographers excited about our drives.


1. It’s the first and only SSD series made exclusively for video capture.
DIGISTOR set out to build the SSD line up specifically focusing on video capture rather than designing an SSD for computer use. Where other brands build SSDs for a wide variety of computers, we focus on what works well with your video recording hardware.

From the locked bill of materials and firmware, to the NAND flash, controller, and even the physical size of our SSDs, our Professional Video Series was built from the ground up to meet the unique needs of professional filmmakers.

2. Our Professional Video Series SSDs are sized for a snug fit.
Your Blackmagic Camera has a 9.5mm size slot — shouldn’t your SSD be designed to sit securely inside?

While the industry continues to move towards more compact drives, the Professional Video Series remains a standard 9.5mm to avoid shaking, rattling, flexing your connector and possibly dropping frames.

3. Our locked BOM ensures long-term compatibility with Blackmagic.
Once approved by Blackmagic, we lock our bill of materials — both physical and firmware. Before any changes are made, our SSDs are again extensively tested for re-certification by Blackmagic.

For our customers, that means every DIGISTOR drive that has been listed as Blackmagic compatible will remain so, regardless of movements in the market for new NAND or updated controllers.

4. Your workflow, made more efficient by editing straight from the disk.
Stuck on site or don’t have the time to transfer your footage to local storage?

Made to go directly from your Blackmagic recording hardware into the HyperDeck Studio, Blackmagic MultiDock, or connect with a Thunderbolt adapter, our powerful SSDs allow you to smoothly transition from shooting to on-site editing.

5. Our Professional Video Series comes ready to shoot.
Unlike off-the-shelf SSDs that require formatting before use, our Professional Video Series SSDs are made to support recording hardware right out of the box. Compatible with exFAT and already formatted, you can go straight to shooting.

Apple’s new Photos app, how to back up your photos without iCloud

Apple recently released a totally new Photos app for OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite that replaces the widely used long time software iPhoto. (To get the new app just update your Mac by visiting the App Store > Updates). The new Photos app is a needed breath of fresh air on the desktop, as it takes many ques from the iOS version of the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. The simple and intuitive UI and familiar editing functionality make it an instantly familiar playground for organizing and editing photos on your Mac.

One of the perks of the new Photos app is that it will sync all your photos and videos to iCloud so you can access “your entire collection from your Mac and iOS devices anytime.” However, that comes at a cost. Apple continues, “You get 5GB of free storage in iCloud – and as your library grows, you have the option to choose a plan for up to 1TB.” Let us note that the 5GB free storage isn’t just for photos, that includes all your iPhone and iPad backups, which might take a big chunk of that free space. What if you don’t want to add another yearly fee to your bank statement, but you still want to have a safe backup of your Photos Library? This is where REWIND Archiving software comes in. REWIND allows you to Archive your photos to long lasting Blu-ray disc for safekeeping.

Today we’re going to visit a step by step process showing you how to archive your new Photos Library in OS X Yosemite using REWIND. We will do so using the DIGISTOR DIG-79103 USB 3.0 Blu-ray burner, a 25GB BD-R disc, and a MacBook Pro. (The REWIND archiving software and a 25GB Blu-ray disc are both included for free with DIGISTOR brand Blu-ray burners).

Photos App
Here’s the new Photos app with some imported images of a beautiful area called Mount Tamalpais State Park not too far from DIGISTOR HQ in Campbell, CA. Lets see where these photos live on the Mac, and then how to use REWIND to archive them.01.-Photos-App-Open

Photos Library
Notice here in the Pictures folder we have a Library called Photos Library. Within the contents of the Library are all the imported images from the Photos App, along with non-destructive edits, and organizational database information.

Use REWIND to Archive Photos Library
Start REWIND, give your archive a name. Select the Photos Library, click Next. Insert a BD-R into your Blu-ray burner and click Archive It! Wait a few minutes for your BD-R to burn, and your archive is complete.

 Congratulations! Your Photos are now safely archived.