New Codec Helps 4K and UltraHD Video come to Blu-ray Disc

The ITU has approved a new video codec called H.265, creating a new standard for high definition video storage. The new format allows higher quality video to be compressed in a smaller file size, meaning a 4K (4096 × 2160) or UltraHD (3840 x 2160) resolution movie will eventually fit on a current generation 50GB Blu-ray disc.

The current standard using H.264 is widely used for Blu-ray disc movies as well as online streaming content for videos up to 1080p. Most of the videos on your iPad are all encoded with H.264 also. The new H.265 standard, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is designed to bring even higher quality video and higher resolution to these same playback arenas.

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Source: ITU

New Year’s Resolution – Backup and Archive your Photos

The holidays have come and gone and if you are like me that means plenty of new photos and home video from family gatherings, parties and travels.  For most of us the end of the Holiday season also means it time for some New Year’s resolutions.  Well we are a few weeks into January now and I’ve already broken most of my resolutions, but one that you must not break is to finally backup and archive all of your photos, video and data.

We hear so many horror stories from people who have lost all of their photos, videos or other personal data because they were not properly backed up or archived.   There is no shortage of backup products available on the market today, so there is really no excuse to not have some sort of protection in place for your valuable data and files.

With so many available options to back up your data, choosing the right solution can be overwhelming.  The most important decision to make is simply to not procrastinate and do something!  Whether you decide to use an external hard drive, flash drive, online backup provider or RAID solution, it is imperative that you perform regular backups for continuous protection of your latest data.

For long-term storage of your photos, videos, music and other data files you will want a permanent archive.  This can easily be accomplished with easy to use products from DIGISTOR such as the Personal Archive Recorder and REWIND Archiving Software for PC and Mac.

Remember, you can always lose weight, eat better or learn a new language next year; but without a proper backup and archive you can easily lose your most precious photos, video or data forever.

Post CES 2013 Trends: Cut that Cord with Wi-Fi Cameras

If you’re a Pocket Camera user you may have noticed over the past few years you’ve used your digital camera less and your cell phone more. I know it’s true of myself. My iPhone camera is always with me, synced effortlessly with my PC, and backs up to iCloud. When I do use my Casio Exilim or Olympus pocket cameras I often times don’t sync these with my computer for days after the event.

We’ve seen a few WiFi pocket cameras hit the market, but CES 2013 shows that we are about to see a lot more, with nearly every manufacturer offing WiFi model cameras. You may be sucked back into using your digital pocket camera if it easily backed up to your PC or Mac over WiFi. Using a digital camera with WiFi and a good backup or archive program will make sure you can enjoy the original pics snapped and keep you using your pocket cam for more than large outings or events.

Some WiFi enabled Cameras (links to gdgt):

As these cameras continue to adapt new technology, you’ll see similarities with your digital pocket cam and your cell phone with apps. We area always looking for easier ways to take, sync, share, archive and enjoy our pictures.

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How to Decide on the Best SSD Drive…

With such a large number of existing Solid State Drive (SSD) vendors it can be very confusing for the end user to decide which drive is the right drive. If you have done even a little research on SSD the first thing you notice is the overwhelming number of SSD manufacturers available, as well as the huge range of prices and specification variables. It can be quite confusing trying to understand which SSD drive will work best for your specific application. The first step is to understand your application requirements and focus on finding a product that will give you exactly what you need. There are many variations of SSD’s available on the market, some are designed to be Hard Drive upgrades, and other drives are configured to make sure they will never fail even in the toughest conditions. Military applications may call for a drive that can handle very high temperatures and vibration, while a user wanting to upgrade a computer may just want a simple performance boost thus a lower grade SSD may suffice.

The DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD was designed with one very specific application in mind, Uncompressed HD Video acquisition and work flow utilizing the Blackmagic Designs Cinema Camera the Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle and the Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio. Our design is optimized to handle high definition uncompressed 10-bit and 12-bit RAW video capture. The DIGISTOR™ Professional Video Series SSD drives use the highest quality controller and NAND memory components which allow for high performance, but also multiple data deletions without performance degradation.  An unfortunate quality of many Solid State storage devices is that the more data or in this case video files that are deleted from the drive, the performance can start to decline. The DIGISTOR™ Professional Video Series SSD drives were designed to fight against data deletion performance loss, which allows for users to get the most out of the SSD drive from both a performance and durability perspective.  This will allow for a tremendous user experience both now and as the drives are used in the coming years, at a very reasonable price point.

Another very key feature is drive formatting; most drives on the market today are unformatted leaving it up to the end user to deal with compatibility issues on their own. The DIGISTOR™ Professional Video Series SSD is formatted in the exFAT format which allows for maximum compatibility with Mac, PC and Blackmagic Design devices without the constant re-formatting. There are no proprietary drivers or software needed, the DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD drives are the most compatible drives on the market. The Professional Video Series SSD drives from DIGISTOR™ were designed and are certified for use with the Blackmagic Design platform of products and currently come in 240GB & 480GB configurations.