Use and REWIND to Archive your Instagram Photos

No doubt you’ve heard about Instagram and how they are planning on using users data according to its new privacy policy. Instagram, the media, and the users are in a cyber-argument over this topic, but at the end of the day it is your personal choice where you’d like your data. Using Instagram as a photo sharing method is great, but hoping to also use it as an archive of your photos doesn’t work out so well.

Whether you decide to keep your account open or not, we at DIGISTOR thought we’d let you know there is a way to download all your Instagram files to your PC or Mac, then archive them to Blu-ray disc for safe keeping.

Using you can download all your Instagram photos to your computer in a single .zip file. You can unzip this file in your photos folder so you can easily view them. Also using REWIND you are now able to select the photos you’d like archived to Blu-ray disc. It’s simple and secure!

Side note: is being hammered right now, and may be very slow at responding. Give it some time to settle, and then export and archive away! has opened up secondary servers for overflow and is able to give you your Instagram photos within a few minutes of request!

Professional Video Series SSD Drives for Blackmagic Products

Introducing the DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD Drives for uncompressed video using Blackmagic Design products.

DIGISTOR has been working hard behind the scenes to bring the world a professional series of SSD drives for fully uncompressed high-definition video capture. These SSD drives are the first ever designed for critical uncompressed video capture applications and built to the performance levels required to be used in Blackmagic Design video products.

The DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD Drives are available now for special introductory prices and sizes ranges from 128GB SSD PVD-PVD128E (coming soon), 240GB SSD DIG-PVD240S (available now), and 480GB SSD DIG-PDV480S (available now) for Blackmagic Design Products.

The DIG-PVDxxxx series of SSD Drives for Blackmagic uncompressed video products can also be used in other video capture and playback applications, as well as less performance critical file and data storage applications.

DIGISTOR Professional Video Series SSD Drives: